Zeetoon 100% Olive Oil Soap

What People Are Saying

What people are saying

Better than the soap in France

Received my soap today. We were in France this past summer and even there I did not find any soap that compares to what you make! – Kathleen, Florida

Great for traveling

Two years ago we went on an 180-day cruise and used the provided soap. By the end of the voyage each of us had terrible dry skin that no amount of lotion could calm. We just returned from another cruise of similar length — but this time took alone a bar of Zeetoon. What a difference!! – Fans, Jim and Mary, California

Michele, You’re my soap goddess!

Dear Michele, I love the soap....you are now my "soap goddess"! I am a swimmer, so the big test for me was washing my hair which is very long...it worked quite well and I didn't use cream rinse, which I usually don't…I am a minimalist, so using a bar for everything works for me! – Leslie

No more cracked skin

My favorite soap ever. Keeps my skin from cracking during the snow storms! – Rachel, Iowa

My eczema-prone hands are feeling soft and soothed. Your unscented soap is the only hand-washing soap I’ll use now. Thanks! – Kerry, Massachusetts

Love it!

Thank you. I love the soap. It's just what I hoped for. – Ruth, Colorado

Absolutely gorgeous soap — love it so much! I’m starting with the amber bar and it is a very special product, for sure! – Karen, California

I'm a past customer and I truly loved your product. As my skin gets older, I can see where it needs extra moisture. So, I look forward to using your soaps again! – Kathleen, New Jersey